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faith shift how did i end up here

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen i started this blog 1.31.2007, i was almost 2 years into a life-changing faith shift. all that i once believed had come into question and i didn’t know what that meant for my faith, my life, my family’s future. i started writing about it here, processing out loud, and continually finding so many others who also were experiencing what i call “spiritual vertigo.” there were many who understood the feeling, men & women of so many shapes and sizes and experiences.  every faith shift looks different because each of our faith experiences are unique; however, it’s also clear that we seem to have a lot in common.

i have written a lot over the years here, but really, the best place i can point is to faith shift: how to find your way forward when everything you believe is coming apart by convergent books. it’s hope for spiritual refugees, church burnouts, and freedom seekers. it brings so much of what i’ve shared here in a much more comprehensive and concise way.

what i have realized, though, is that for a person who comes to the blog for the first time there’s no clear way to find some of the material on here. this link is a feeble attempt to help find a place to start. here’s what’s on here:

  • you might be in a faith shift if… if you identify with some of these things, you’re in the right place. if you’re like “why would people think or feel that, what’s wrong with you people?” this isn’t the blog for you.
  • posts that might be helpful – a list of posts here that might strike a chord
  • the rebuilding after deconstructing series – my most popular series and can help when we’ve unraveled it all and aren’t sure how to rebuild something new.
  • walking wounded: healing from “church” – so many of us have had painful church experiences; they come in all shapes and sizes ranging from spiritual abuse to just-plain-old-messed-up-systems. but they can really jack with our heads and damage our faith.
  • spiritual midwives – these are some friends of mine who are really good at helping guide people through a faith shift, spiritual directors, life coaches, therapists & people-who-get-it.

i hope somehow, someway, something here helps you feel less crazy less alone.