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5 gifts we can give rachel held evans.

By Kathy / October 30, 2012 / 18 Comments

* this week is launch week for the awesome book, the year of biblical womanhood, by rachel held evans, yeah!  this post is part of a surprise synchroblog to celebrate and remind rachel how grateful we are for the ways she his breaking down walls and paving a road of hope for so many.  a bunch […]

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anger is not a sin

By Kathy / August 16, 2012 / 2 Comments

* remember this week i’m just archiving guest posts from other places over the past few months.  you might have read them before.  this one is from the amazing rachel held evans’ series on faith & parenting.  i just realized that i somehow never responded to any of the comments over there (in my mind […]

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5 verbs each for equality

By Kathy / June 8, 2012 / 8 Comments

verb [vurb] – a word that expresses action or a state of being. i have been traveling in the UK with my daughter for the past week and just returned (amazing trip, extremely grateful).  i was so happy to see rachel held evans’ blog series this week on mutuality.  she rocks, and i have great […]

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plant new trees.

By Kathy / February 3, 2012 / 57 Comments

“then God said, “let us make human beings in our image, to be like us.” – genesis 1:26, NLT this past week i saw a flurry of facebook posts about john piper’s latest words about  masculine christianity.  i am pretty out of the blog-reading circuit because there are only so many hours in the day […]

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the golden rule

By Kathy / May 5, 2011 / 14 Comments

**this post is part of rachel held evans’ synchroblog this week on the rally to restore unity.  there’s some fun stuff over there this week! * * * * * when i was a kid my mom had a plaque on her wall that said “whoever has the gold makes the rules”.  looking back, oh […]

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