my friend-i-can-always-count-on-to-make-me-laugh-and-worry-about-me-too phyllis tagged me on this meme.  it is always a nice diversion from my constant church ramblings and i’ve been really blue so i thought it might be good to join in the fun and escape real life for a few minutes.   it did make me laugh here and there, sort of a reminder how weird my life has been and not to take myself too seriously.   thanks, phyllis.   for those of you who aren’t sure what a “meme” is (i didn’t until last year, either), it is sort of like blog-tag.  it’s a series of questions you answer and then tag someone else’s blog to get to know them better.

here are the rules:

a.  post the rules at the beginning.

b.  answer the questions about yourself.

c. tag 5 people you know and let them know in their blog comments that you tagged them so they can participate.

here are the questions:

1. what was i doing 10 years ago?

i had been living in colorado for exactly 1 year, after moving from the beach in sunny san diego when jose got out of the navy and became a pilot for united airlines.   i had only had 3 kids at the time (a kindergartener, a preschooler, and a baby),  we were renting a house in evergreen CO and i was beginning to adjust to my colorado life (it’s a little hard for people who don’t like to wear pants or socks or jackets).   i was a true-blue-stay-at-home-mommy and was just starting to lead women’s healing groups after a long season of working my tail off on my own pain & shame & craziness.  we were almost exactly one year away from finding out we were having not just baby #4 but also baby #5!

2. snacks i enjoy

boulder salt & malt vinegar chips, hands down is my favorite food.  and a diet coke from mcdonald’s (they are the best for some weird reason). oh, and sugar cookies with frosting. those are my total weaknesses, especially those big pink ones at 7-11. 

3. five things on my to-do list today

here are a few from the long list: (a); find the tax information jose needs so we can actually get our taxes done; (b) go to the refuge team meeting; (c) take jamison & julia to the orthodontist to see if they need braces;  (d) go visit baby hunter in the hospital, a sweet little newborn from the refuge who had heart surgery while i was out of town and has been heavy on the escobars’ hearts. (e) try to get caught up on emails & phone calls since we were gone to san diego for spring break.

4.  things i would do if i became a billionaire

that is so simple.  i’d set up a foundation that would fund all kinds of amazing projects to empower women, men & children who are marginalized, oppressed, beat-up, tired, dream-less.  i’d also help out all my favorite ministries & organizations & amazingly dedicated servants who are right on the edge of never being able to pay their bills, either.   the one big splurge i think i’d do is to take the kids out of school for a couple of semesters and do a true-blue around the world trip, experiencing all the different cultures we possibly could. 

5.  three bad habits

just three? 

  • getting unbelievably sucked into what’s happening on my laptop computer and losing all track of time. 
  • letting piles and piles of clothes pile up before i will actually put them away. 
  • waiting until the very very last minute before i will put gas in the car
  • talking on the phone while i am driving with no headset because mine stinks and i can’t hear out of it.
  • one more:  reading people’s minds, being sure i know exactly what other people are thinking even though i have absolutely no idea!

5.  five places i have lived

walnut creek, CA until i was in the 4th grade….sparks, NV until i graduated from high school….malibu, CA for college….corte madera & rohnert park, CA when i worked for pacific bell & was in grad school…kingsville, TX for 3 months when we were first married…coronado, CA for 6 lovely years when jose was a navy pilot….evergreen, CO for 4 years….arvada, CO for 7 years and counting

6.  jobs i have had: 

high school – cashier at jimboy’s tacos, bus-girl at flakey jakes, chuck-e-cheese party coordinator, toll-free operator at spiegel catalog

college – typing business owner (how i put myself through college, this was before computers were popular and i worked on a cool brother memory typewriter for 2 bucks a page), career center peer-counselor as part of my work-study money in college (i am the best resume-formatter!)

right out of college – outside plant & design engineer (and i never had a math class beyond algebra 1-2 & geometry in high school, yeah, a little out of my league), supervisor, and communications/speech writer at the phone company as part of the accelerated management program (that’s why they put me in so many weird jobs)

before kids were born – admissions advisor at national university in san diego, owner of small stationery business that actually made a little money here and there

past few years – care pastor, adult ministry pastor, co-pastor

7.  things people don’t know about me (well, some people do):

  • i am afraid of birds, less than i used to be, but sitting outside where pigeons are coming near my table creates a really weird amount of anxiety for me…
  • i’m a terrible, horrible, awful housekeeper
  • if i could, i would go on at least one trip to somewhere i haven’t been before every month. i have the serious travel bug!
  • i really love to water ski.
  • i am related to abraham lincoln for real – my mom’s mom’s lineage traces right on up to good ol’ abe. 
  • i went to grad school to be an organizational development consultant but then had babies and ended up doing the ministry thing instead.  i always wonder what life would be like if i really had originally leaned into that? (one for sure answer: more $!)
  • i pretty much know all the words to “rapper’s delight”. 

okay i am going to tag a few blogfriends:  erin, che, pam, beth, and amy c.  no pressure & some of you have probably done many times before but if you need a little diversion like me, go for it. 

ps: plus, you don’t have to get tagged to play so if you’re bored and can’t think of anything else to write on your blog, try this.

Kathy Escobar

Kathy Escobar is dedicated to creating safe and brave spaces for transformation and healing in real life, online, and outside. She co-pastors at The Refuge, a hub for healing community, social action, and creative collaboration in North Denver, co-directs #communityheals, a non-profit organization dedicated to making spaces for transformation accessible for all, and is the author of Practicing: Changing Yourself to Change the World, Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe is Coming Apart and several other books.


  • hey kathy!

    wow, a descendant of lincoln’s. impressive. thanks for tagging me. i’ll go blog it now. it always feels nice to talk about me, me, me.


    (we are still figuring out summer time plans. we had a big unexpected wrench thrown in our lives recently that we are still reeling from. but when we know, i’ll let you know!)

  • love it. it’s great to see the crazy blogosphere become a bit smaller when we get to know people.

    it’s also amazing to see how similar we all are…

  • pam & erin, thanks for playing. you guys are so fun.

    ellen – i agree, it’s so fun to know a little bit more about people to see how much we all have in common in weird and wild ways.

  • YOU LIVED IN SPARKS, NV??? Did I already know that? (You probably already told me that, but I’m old and forget important connections like this).

    What high school? What year did you graduate? Which Jimboy’s did you work at? You have any relatives here still?

    Wow…small world, ain’t it?

  • Thanks for tagging me! You’re a multi-faceted person with great taste in place of residence. 🙂

  • brian – yeah, we got a double whammy about 1/2 way into thinking we just were having baby #4 when they discovered there was a #5 in there, too!

    randy – you crack me up! senior moment….

    beth – yes, i can’t complain – malibu, coronado, san fran, denver. not bad!

  • Yes – it was fun! And yep, I was a counselor. Got my counseling masters at Denver Seminary. I’d love to come hang with you for OTM. Man I wish I still lived there!!!

  • Hi there
    I never ‘leave a comment’ but thought I would today. Came across this blog browsing (pretending to be working…)
    Liked your answers to the quizy thing..must do it sometime.
    I am afraid of birds too…isn’t it weird, more of a churning thing in the stomach than fear, but I couldn’t touch one.
    You sound very busy, have 4 wee ones myself so kinda get the idea..Thanks for brightening up a rather dull afternoon – now…back to work… 🙂

  • beth – it’s october 17.18th, just pinning down some details right now and then we’ll start getting the word out.

    michael – welcome! glad i helped kill some time at work, hahah! i haven’t met too many others who have the bird thing so thanks for making me feel less alone, ha. best to you from across the world….


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