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consistent with my life-long patterns related to diet & exercise, i often start out strong on new goals, roaring out the chute at full speed.  then not too long in my commitment level wanes, and before i know it i’m eating krispy kremes & can’t even find my gym punch card.  so it makes perfect sense that my summer movie marathon was a bit like that!  since it’s labor day my endeavor to watch as many movies as i could is now officially over, although i will always be a movie hound.  my summer-of-movies was really fun, and i honestly wouldn’t have watched even ¼ of what i ended up making time for.  the past month or so has been a little slow (only 10 more to make my summer total 39, the other two lists are here & here).  i was happier reading books & being at the lake, but i did manage to catch a few good ones, mainly lots of summer theater releases & not too many artsy indie ones.  for labor day, i thought i’d take a little carnival-intensity diversion and share the latest flix i watched to wrap up my little summer project:

get smart – of course it was so goofy but we thought it was funny. steve carrell cracks me up no matter what he is in.

journey to the center of the earth – i took the little kids to see it & it was definitely a rental, but i am a sap for the oldies and for sweet and simple.  the terrible special effects somehow worked as long as they weren’t really trying to be the real thing (i wasn’t quite sure?)

the dark knight – i went with my oldest two kiddos who of course like most of america thought it was the greatest movie ever.  yes, it was so well done in all kinds of ways.  the metaphors were amazing, no doubt heath ledger should win a post-humous academy award, and i can so appreciate what incredible movie making can do, but i will admit, it took me a few days to shake off the evil of it all.  it really did get under my skin, i guess that was the idea?

iron man – okay this was my favorite superhero movie in a long time! loved it.  great comeback, robert downey junior, and i just thought it was clever, simple, and extremely entertaining.

step up 2 – the escobars love these kinds of movies, sports and dancing and underdogs, those are our favorites!  of course, not the best acting in the world but we all loved the dancing, and one of the twins is really into hip-hop dancing so we had post-video dance parties on our coffee table (we watched it a few times!)

mamma mia! – that is why i go to the movies, to escape.  this movie definitely isn’t for people who aren’t into sappy & silly & goofy & fun, but i thought it was great. my favorite part was the very end. i kept thinking what a blast they must have had making it.  look out refuge-es, halloween’s coming!

henry poole is here – loved it.  if you haven’t seen it, check it out, it stars luke wilson and is a compelling story about faith.  we talked about it for a long time afterward; it really got under our skin & we had a big discussion about how much faith is enough & all kinds of beautiful things related to our spiritual journey.   jose & i went with some friends and all 4 of us gave it a thumbs up.

gandhi – too much to share about this one.  i think it is a must-view for the church right now in all kinds of ways.  so powerful, that nonviolence does not mean passive cooperation & submission to an unjust system.  the spirit of unity & justice & love that permeated gandi’s  call is a message for all of us.    the part i loved the very most was towards the end when he told the hindu man who was out for muslim blood because they had killed his son that he should “go and find another boy with  no parents to love and raise him as a muslim.”  oh, that did me in.  stellar, stellar, stellar. jonathan brink just posted a list of great gandhi quotes.

be kind rewind – i had wanted to see this but it came and went at the theater so we rented it with our friends visiting from portland (more on the things all four of us are most passionate about next post!) i love jack black, he makes me laugh. i admit i fell asleep for a small chunk but it wasn’t because of the movie, i was just bone-tired.  we watched it after the refuge where we just had a big conversation there about collaboration & community.  it couldn’t have been a more perfect pick related to that.  everyone’s voice, everyone a part, working together.

traitor – jose and i snuck away to see and both really liked it.  don cheadle is one of our favs and we like suspense-drama-cia-kinds of things & it was just one of those “wow, that was really much better than we thought it would be!” movies.

okay that was it my friends. i still have a long list of things i want to see, mostly from the recommendations you sent me from other posts (tracy, your latest two are already on my queue!).  keep ‘em coming!

Kathy Escobar

Kathy Escobar is dedicated to creating safe and brave spaces for transformation and healing in real life, online, and outside. She co-pastors at The Refuge, a hub for healing community, social action, and creative collaboration in North Denver, co-directs #communityheals, a non-profit organization dedicated to making spaces for transformation accessible for all, and is the author of Practicing: Changing Yourself to Change the World, Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe is Coming Apart and several other books.


  • I have had so little time to watch movies this summer! But I did find time for a “few escape” flicks. Went to Mamma Mia with my daughter – not a great film but oh so fun. Loved Batman and Ironman (good thoughtful material but also fun action). I also liked Hancock. LOVED Wall-E – there’s good discussion in that one too. But I didn’t get over to the indie theaters at all. And I don’t have 5 kids!
    Bye bye summer!

  • Kathy, you inspired my hubby and I just two days ago with all your movie watching.

    It was his birthday (55!). We had all these grand plans for celebrating, but last minute we canceled them all, climbed into bed, drank wine, ate food, and watched DVDs all day to celebrate. It was so much fun. We hardly ever, ever, ever have free time to just “do nothing,” so for us this was a real treat. We rarely ever watch any TV shows unless they’re on DVD (and I get to the movie theater about once every two years, literally!). Anyway, most of our time this past Saturday was spent watching Brothers and Sisters. What a well done show. So, thanks for the inspiration. I wish we could do that every weekend…You’re a good influence on us to slow down, “waste” some time, and really relax!

  • So…on one of your lists I noticed “City of God”. Did you ever end up watching that one? What do you have planned for the Fall? My reccomendations if you’ve never seen them are:

    -Lawrence of Arabia (Who but they…who but they)
    -A River Runs Through it.

    The first two are Epics. The last one is just a great story. Robert Redford directed it, so there are incredible sweeping views of the landscape that seem to put you right there in Montana.

    Thanks for waiting on me for Ghandi. I learned so much and have so much respect for a man I never knew.

  • I have a date ( with a friend 😉 ) to see Henry Poole is Here on Saturday. I will keep you posted! 🙂

  • ellen – yeah i know you are a movie buff, too! i wanted to see the visitor but missed it, i have it on my queue. i will put wall-e on, too. for some reason none of my kiddos wanted to go so we never made it. see ya soon, i hope.

    tracy – yeah, it’s good for the soul, isn’t it? there’s something about taking the time to just check out and escape from computers & phones & chores & all the other things that will be there when we’re done. glad it was fun & happy birthday, rich!

    lisa – i got city of God but ended up sending it back because i never watched it and the kids had things in our queue. i will watch it eventually. yeah, i am so glad we pulled off gandhi. let’s do lawrence of arabia and i forgot about a river runs through it. i never saw the whole thing.

    amy – yeah, we were netflix people for a long time but switched to blockbuster so we could turn things in down the street and get another one quick. i love no late fees and not having to stress about dropping them off.

    stacy – let me know what you think 🙂

  • Last movie for me was last year – the Harry Potter one – went with my two daughters (22& 18) had a great time. Iron Man is on my list of DVDs to watch, I am getting an old fart, wait for the DVD and watch in the comfort of my lounge – and hey, the food comming out of my fridge is a lot cheaper than food you buy at the shows!!! A bucket of Pop-Corn here in OZ costs $250.00 at the Movies this is true!!! and a Med Coke $300 …..

  • I have been wanting to see Traitor. I love Don Cheadle!

    I spent Sunday (gasp) watching the entire second season of Heroes. Only 11 episodes but that was a full day of relaxin’ on the couch. And it made more sense, watching it in one big chunk. 9/22/08? I’m there!


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