i guess this is what you get when you let your kids jump on the coffee table

yeah, we have a family friendly house. there’s lots of jumping and moving and ball bouncing and outside voices at casa del escobar.  our coffee table is sometimes a dance floor and even jose’s been known to pop up there now and then and shake his booty.  well, this is what you sometimes get when you let your kids jump on the coffee table:  the owie of all owies.  yesterday, jonas, one of the almost 9 year old twins, cut his leg, like seriously cut his leg when he fell through a broken tile on our well-used-and-seemingly sturdy coffee table.  of course, we all feel awful about it.

i was just heading to the store to get some benadryl for the dog (yes, to add just a teeny more stress to my not-so-great day, sadie must have gotten stung by a bee and broke out in hives) when i heard frantic, like really frantic screaming, from all 4 of the kids that were home, including my almost 15 year old daughter.  i got off the phone and ran inside, certain that maybe we had misdiagnosed the dog and she was overtaken by whatever was ailing her and had dropped dead on the kitchen floor.  surely that was the only thing that could merit that much screaming.  but i was met with a gushing wound, blood all over the floor, and hysterical children.  the calmest one:  jonas.

julia kicked into action, scooped him up and we headed to the emergency room.   of course, jose is on a trip this week to beijing (no joke, these things always happen when he is out of town, it has become almost comical).  it’s great having older kids who can help, our parents living nearby (my mom came & gave the dog a bath and placated jonas’ distraught twin brother) and the dear refuge family who came to the hospital and passed on all kinds of love & laughs to jonas.  it really was so sweet & the emergency room assistant had to ask the nurse “did that little guy have a more serious accident than we thought because he sure has a lot of concerned visitors???”  i am always reminded just how lovely our friends are.  and jonas was truly amazing through it all, communicating better with everyone than most grownups can.  well after x-rays & ooing and awing and cringing & cleaning and numbing, he got stitched up and we headed home, exhausted.

today, the dog’s better.  i woke up this morning after on-and-off sleep for both jonas & i and realized that once again i failed as the tooth fairy (to top it all off, jared lost one of his teeth while we were gone).  jonas is home from school, mighty sore, and i am cancelling my day.  the coffee table will now be used for coffee. not dancing.

ps: i spared you all having to see pictures you definitely don’t want to see, but if you’re one of those people who are kind of into gore, here is a picture.  we took one to send to daddy’s phone so he knew what was going on.  warning, it’s REALLY ugly, and i wouldn’t open it if i were you, but jonas thought it would be cool to share.

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Kathy Escobar

Kathy Escobar is dedicated to creating safe and brave spaces for transformation and healing in real life, online, and outside. She co-pastors at The Refuge, a hub for healing community, social action, and creative collaboration in North Denver, co-directs #communityheals, a non-profit organization dedicated to making spaces for transformation accessible for all, and is the author of Practicing: Changing Yourself to Change the World, Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe is Coming Apart and several other books.


  • but jonas thought it would be cool to share.

    s’why I love kids – they think so openly!

    Hey Jonas, really cool to see inside your body hey!

    Hugs from South Africa!

  • ahhhhhh I wish I was one of those types that could ignore that – but I had to look. that is totally gross. wow. it’s really really really bad. how many stiches? they said it’s fine though? just stitches and there will be a scar? I can’t believe how bad that looks 🙁

    my mommy anxiety just went up a notch. the poor little guy.I am soo not ready to have more kids. My one little 2 year old is enough right now. you’re a strong woman! I would have FREAKED out in a major way.

    prayin for you all

  • Kathy,
    Ugh! I’m sorry to hear about Jona’s accident on the coffee table. Ouch! I did take a “peek” at the photo you included of his cut/gash. Quite deep indeed. Reminds me of all the scrapes and scatches I incurred as a child, after not listening to my parents warnings. (Hee hee!) Also sorry to hear about Sadie! Boy, you certainly had a doosy of a day, huh?! (Perhaps today will seem like Heaven comparative to yesterday! That is always nice).

    I’m so glad you live near your parents who dove into action and took care of the dog. As well, what a heart warming blessing to have your friends from the Refuge bolt over to the hospital to be there for comfort and support. Very cool, Kathy! What treasures.

    I’m glad Jonas had no broken bones. As well, I’m glad to hear Sadie is feeling and acting better, as well. I’m sure the kids are just tickled that you’ve taken today off from work.

    ~Amy 🙂

  • Oh Jonas & Sadie! 🙁 Rusty says that he wants to run around with Sadie when she feels better.I think he has a lil’ crush… 😉
    Lots of hugs & love for those two!

  • Damn, I should have taken a picture of our daughter’ s finger when she closed the gate about 3 years ago. Her finger went in between two steel plates with about 2mm between them. Yes, the docter did save the finger and yes it still has a nail on. Only one operation. Yeyy!!!

    Hang in there Kathy. The coffee table is probably very happy about this 🙂

  • What is it about our husbands being out of the country that bring on these accidents????? I’ve experienced the same kind of madness!!!

    and tell Jonas he was right..that really is a cool cut!!:)

  • Jonas was right — that’s one cool, yet disgusting picture. Kid’s gonna have a great war story to tell for years now…

    Reminds me of the wound our cat had when a scent gland on her backside ruptured. I’ve never looked at pepperoni the same way since…

    Aren’t you glad you shared now 😉

  • I hate gore, but of course I had to look. Dis-gust-ing!

    Jonas, you’re one brave guy to have not fainted dead away when you saw that! I hope you recover really quickly….

  • Hi Kathy, Jonas, Sadie,
    Hugs for you all! That was one Black Monday! Thank you all for the comments; I Did Not look. God’s Peace

  • Hey Kathy,

    Apparently most of us are fascinated by gore. I couldn’t wait to see for some reason. Would have made a great halloween costume:)

    Wow, that must have hurt a lot. It’s funny that you said Jonas was the calmest one of all. I remember having a bloody accident when I was 5 or 6. I thought someone else was hurt because my sister was covered in blood and was screaming. I truthfully couldn’t feel it at first. So I can relate to the other kids screaming, and Jonas being calm comparatively.

    What about Bob is a fun movie. I love the part where he’s eating corn at the dinner table:)

    Enjoy the day relaxing with your baby:)

  • cool battle scar, jonas. you are one tough guy. hope you are feeling better. love ya buddy

  • What a lovely snapshot of the craziness that is your everyday life. Hope everyone, including the dog, is mending nicely . . .

  • Yeah I didn’t look either!!!

    But I enjoyed the post and it brought back many fond memories of trips to casaulty and ER!!!

  • I looked. Couldn’t help myself–with three boys, a Tom-Boy and a 3 year old girlie-girl who doesn’t know (yet) that burping, etc. doesn’t fit the sterio-type I’m a bit used to the rough side. Amazing gash! When our children were toddlers (2-5) our standard question to owies with tears was “Is there blood?” Not a lot of sympathy around our house without it. Now that the majority are teens or older they like comparing their war wounds (stitches and scars are the only things that count). Think my children will need therapy? Congrats Jonas! In our house you scored BIG!

  • Warning: don’t look at this picture right after eating a muffin.

    Glad everyone’s okay. Jonas must be a real trooper. If I saw something like that on my leg, I’d need a paper bag over my mouth.

    However, the one thing more disturbing than that photo was the verbal image of Jose shaking his booty dancing on the coffee table. That put this post over the top. *shudder* 🙂

  • well thanks so much for all the love! we’re recovering around here, sort of…jonas is at school today so that’s good…

    pops – jonas thought it was SO COOL that you wrote from south africa!!

    randi – it was 9 big loopy stitches. i was surprised it was only that many but she said since it was going to be a big scar anyway they wanted to minimize them for his sake (?). if it would have been on his face they would have had to do 30. i still don’t get how they put it all back together. yeah, i will say, it was the gnarliest wound i’ve ever seen!!!

    amy – thanks for the love & prayers! yeah, sadie is better, too, now just to add insult to injury my oldest is home with a cold today but he’s easy and i just want him to rest and get well!

    stacy – rusty and sadie will have so much fun together 🙂

    abmo – that sound gnarly!!! and amazing what they can do, isn’t it??? it was funny because the tech was the one who started the picture thing–he said he takes pictures of all the gnarliest ones for his collection. he showed us a picture of a 2 year old broken leg, it was so wild…

    donna – yes, it is kind of weird, don’t you think, the magical timing??

    amy – yep, it was that bad. that’s what i said, too.

    steve – hey, hey, hey, steve way to bring down the conversation to an even lower point! 🙂 yeah, not a good image!

    jonathan – i warned you!!

    tracy – thanks. yeah, it was too tempting, wasn’t it, but yes, dis-gus-ting! my mom just looked at the picture last night and was like OH MY GOD!!!my baby!!!!

    doug – yes, black monday is an accurate description. thanks for the love and for coming down to the hospital. that was so sweet of you guys

    lisa – i am not all that fascinated by it but clearly other people are 🙂 yeah, the calm part, it is all an interesting dynamic isn’t it??? oh and every time i see what about bob i just crack up.

    mike – thanks for the love. yeah he will have a really cool scar to show for it!

    brian – thanks! it is funny how this really is our everyday life. crazy. nutty. beautiful. wonderful. tiring. comical. you know the feeling!

    mark – good self control! yeah, i am sure you had your share of those…now you will be the comforting grandpa who doesn’t have to drive the kid to the ER but can show up with good presents!

    minnow – yep, same around here. winning the award for the best war wound is a big deal! and my daughter is actually in 2nd place, too, with two trips to the ER for stitches in the matter of a month. we started recognizing the ER staff 🙂 thanks for the love.

    jeff – hey i warned you!!! and yes, it was borderline stomach turner for me, too, but i had to be calm and cool and just pretend like it wasn’t making me sick to my stomach. hey jose’s booty shaking is cute! 🙂

  • Cooool!!!!

    Whoops, that might not have been the correct answer, but that gore took me back to when I was 14 and slipped in the tub. I split my forehead open to the bone. Nothing like a peek under the hood to get us in touch with what we’re made of.

  • What a day, and what a sight!

    I’ve read (and laughed and cried and got angry at and was humbled by) every one of your posts, but for some reason THIS is the one that I couldn’t resist commenting on.

    First, I’m so proud of your little Jonas! And I could relate with almost every part, from the broken dance floor/coffe table to daddy missing out on all the fun. But the part that really brought back the memories is that darned unreliable tooth fairy! Somehow she always made it to our house just about the time the kids were at the breakfast table!

    Sorry I’ve been bad about letting you know how much I enjoy stopping by on my coffee break, but it is such a pleasure! Besides, you know my soft spot for Carnies. 😉

  • Glad I could help — have to find some outlet for my gifts — I’m quite the savant, you know, when it comes to road kill stories at holiday dinners… 🙂

  • andrew – yep, so true and you’re not the only one who’s said “cool!!!!!”

    deb – you are so great & it’s always nice to know you enjoy the carnival. and yeah, it’s a lot of teeth to keep up with around here!!! love ya and see you tomorrow night.

    steve – you would fit in great around our dinner table!

  • “hey jose’s booty shaking is cute!”

    Guess it’s a matter of perspective–me not being married to him, and being a guy and all.


  • Wow Kathy, I finally got a chance to catch up on my blog reading and find you’ve been quite a busy lady! I found that when my husband traveled home life always seemed to get crazy, but now I am the one traveling… He seemed to survive while I was gone, but his definition of crazy and mine are different. Hoping for healing and grace at the Escobar place.


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