because i like to make people feel better about themselves

i am not a very neat and organized person.  actually, i am organized (i know some of you are chuckling right now, but i really do know where almost everything is). and  if i had more time (and a full-time-personal-assistant) the truth is my life & my stuff really would be more organized because i really do like it that way.  the problem is time & people & kids.  and over the years i have learned to let go and just lean into the reality that these aren’t going to be my cleanest, neatest, most organized years.

this past friday night we had a voca femina share party at joshua station, which is an incredible place in denver that provides transformational housing for homeless families.  it really is my favorite ministry in this city & we try to partner and bring beauty & food &  love there whenever we can.  we have had several voca femina share parties at different venues around the denver area in the past year or so, but this one made me extra happy because it was bringing beauty to a place where sometimes it can be covered up and lost.  some of the residents (and kids, too) shared art & poetry & other lovely creative works.  oh, it was a fun one.

at some of the previous parties i have shared some spoken word pieces.  this time i was in the mood for something different; i got inspired on my way home from the gym when i looked down and saw 5 coffee cups on the floor of my suburban.  trust me, no one can trash a car like i can.  i started thinking “i wonder what kind of collage i could build from all the $*(!&!^$( that is in my car?” so i pulled into my driveway and found a lot–and i do mean a lot–of possibilities.  even the easel that i built it on just happened to be in my car.  anyway, i thought i’d share it with you; it was so much fun to make.  you can’t see everything on it in the picture, but a few standouts are: money from bahrain, the little paper thingy that helps the christmas eve candles not drip, socks, scissors, a butane lighter, salad tongs, and a “Jesus loves la familia escobar” keychain with a very serious looking Jesus on it.

it’s a little embarrassing, really, but i like to make other people feel better about themselves, especially mommies.


Kathy Escobar

Kathy Escobar is dedicated to creating safe and brave spaces for transformation and healing in real life, online, and outside. She co-pastors at The Refuge, a hub for healing community, social action, and creative collaboration in North Denver, co-directs #communityheals, a non-profit organization dedicated to making spaces for transformation accessible for all, and is the author of Practicing: Changing Yourself to Change the World, Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe is Coming Apart and several other books.


  • Oh, Kathy, I just love you so much.

    My first thought when you said nobody can trash a like you was “Oh yeah?! You have never seen my car!”

    In the time we’ve known each other, you have done more than you probably know to help me embrace this holy disaster that is me. Thank you for that!

    Which reminds me… I’d forgotten the topic of the blog post I’d been putting off, but now I remember, that was it. 🙂

  • my clutter in my car is not nearly as interesting as yours – or even as interesting as it used to be. my children and grandchildren don’t ride with me very often any more.

    the clutter now comes only from my husband and me. there are library books to return, mail I grabbed from the mailbox and threw in the car to bring into the house later and didn’t…panera cups, my green cloth shopping bags, umbrellas, ice scrappers, poncho, coins, yuck-a molded apple, things I put in the glove box and have forgotten about, and then there are the crumbs. Lots and lots of crumbs from eating scones and other goodies in the car as I’m rushing to a meeting.

    Okay! I really need to give my car a good cleaning inside and out.

    Is this a reflection of my cluttered mind? What are the crumbs I need to sweep away to clear my thinking?

    thanks for the visual – Kathy.

  • Ah, you’re in good company with car trashers.

    My ex-husband used to say, “Mary I feel like I’m in a thrift store when I’m in your car and need a shower when I get out.”

    I still haven’t figured out why I can’t keep my car clean. I really want to.

  • I’m not a mommie, but I already feel better… lol – who am I kidding, my work van is a disaster… 🙂

  • I am getting much better about cleaning out my car on a regular basis. Hard to believe, I know . . .

  • What I like the most about this, it is a tangible expression of something I see you do all the time, Kathy- turning real, regular life into art. Thanks for helping others to do the same, myself included. 🙂

  • I hear you!!!For the record, my house *and* car have never, ever been messier in my whole life since this year. 😉 Yet, despite the organized chaos, I have never been happier. xo

  • angela – best line in a while: “the holy disaster that i am…” oh, i love that one, my friend. can’t wait to hear how things are going there with your lovely little group.

    elaine – yeah, i can see it changing over time and when i once in a while borrow jose’s car and don’t have any kids with me the items are totally different, ha ha. oh, the crumbs…i do think it’s all some kind of nutty metaphor.

    mary – that made me laugh out loud.

    – oh good, even it’s fleeting, i am glad i made you feel a little better about yourself.

    tysdaddy – good job, i hope some of that can rub off on me. i really do want to!

    sage – thanks, my friend. we missed you last night. when doug was sharing communion i thought “this is art.”

    stacy– we sucked you into the vortex of messiness, lateness, and poor-ness, ha ha..xoxox


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