a both/and july 4th

By Kathy Escobar / July 4, 2021 / 2 Comments

Oh, July 4th! It used to be a holiday that I didn’t think much about. While over the years I began to question it’s meaning, I’ll admit, the past 4+ […]

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our codependent relationship with God

By Kathy Escobar / September 22, 2016 / 19 Comments

Since I entered into recovery a big chunk of years ago, I came face to face with the realities of my co-dependency. As an adult child of an alcoholic, a 2 […]

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insecure christians & piles of other posts

By Kathy Escobar / November 21, 2011 / 2 Comments

hey friends, today i have a guest post up at my friend rachel held evan’s rockin’ blog.  it’s called insecure christians so go check it out!  you can comment there […]

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a busy bee

By Kathy Escobar / August 18, 2009 / 6 Comments

ah, life at the escobar house is always an adventure. it’s been a good season for all kinds of refuge community fun, we’re on our last week of summer before […]

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waking up

By Kathy Escobar / November 10, 2008 / 21 Comments

i have come to see that america is in danger of losing her soul, something must happen to awaken the dozing soul of america before it is too late. – […]

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me + movies = happy

By Kathy Escobar / June 6, 2008 / 8 Comments

i have said before, i really, really love the movies! it’s a way i connect with God & life and is my most favorite escape. well, this summer i set a […]

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faith & politics: my journey

By Kathy Escobar / March 10, 2008 / 8 Comments

imagine that?   for years, honestly, i acted like i was 100% sure that God was a republican (a great quote i was reminded of this week by anne lamott:   “we can be […]

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a little re-post here, a little link there

By Kathy Escobar / February 10, 2008 / 8 Comments

instead of re-creating the wheel, i thought i’d just pass on a few other posts from the refuge and the collage workshop i went to this past weekend.   the refuge […]

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quirks r fun

By Kathy Escobar / January 9, 2008 / 4 Comments

okay so maybe i really am in blog-land now,  i always used to see these things when i was reading other people’s blogs:  people would get tagged by someone else […]

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2007 was cool…

By Kathy Escobar / December 29, 2007 / 5 Comments

  in the spirit of wrapping up the year, there would be too many highlights to mention. it was a good year for me.  i am still healing from my […]

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