"whatever you do, don't work for a church" & other lingering notable quotables

By Kathy Escobar / September 25, 2008 / 18 Comments

i was walking in the airport the other day lost in some weird travel trance when i remembered a random thing someone said to me years ago that i’ll never […]

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we can't solve problems with the same minds that created them

By Kathy Escobar / August 28, 2008 / 16 Comments

this week pretty much the topic of conversation here in denver is the democratic national convention.  it really has been a wild week in all kinds of ways. i tried […]

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"who does she think she is?"

By Kathy Escobar / August 22, 2008 / 17 Comments

heard that one before?  we start to step out, to put our toe in the water, to pursue a bit of our dreams, use our voice, our leadership, lean into […]

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kids & faith: what are we creating?

By Kathy Escobar / August 18, 2008 / 24 Comments

my kids went back to school last week.  all five of them, out the door by 7:30 am.  ah, a little bit of quiet & freedom back in my day,  although i […]

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the crazy tension between "too much" and "not enough"

By Kathy Escobar / July 29, 2008 / 14 Comments

this past weekend i was in a conversation with some of my dear friends that i consider kindred spirits because we are all, in some shape or form, “ex-good-christian-women.”  for all kinds […]

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"auntie kathy, are you sure it's not wrong for you to be a pastor?"

By Kathy Escobar / April 26, 2008 / 61 Comments

well here’s a sincere email i received last week from my 14 year old niece.  i got permission from her to share it on this blog so don’t feel like i’m […]

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unbind her

By Kathy Escobar / April 20, 2008 / 16 Comments

i spent the past couple of days in downtown denver at a women’s event that some dear women i know put together called woman come forth. i run in weird diverse circles. […]

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the tortoise and the hare

By Kathy Escobar / March 17, 2008 / 8 Comments

remember this aesop’s fable?  with five kids i have read my share over the years…the stories are really timeless and profound in more ways than one.   a few weeks ago the […]

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faith & politics: my journey

By Kathy Escobar / March 10, 2008 / 8 Comments

imagine that?   for years, honestly, i acted like i was 100% sure that God was a republican (a great quote i was reminded of this week by anne lamott:   “we can be […]

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igniting the ember: emerging women finding their voice

By Kathy Escobar / March 6, 2008 / 11 Comments

“women have been taught that for us, the earth is flat, and that if we venture out, we will fall off the edge”  – author unknown i’ve discovered the world is […]

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