igniting the ember: emerging women finding their voice

By Kathy Escobar / March 6, 2008 / 11 Comments

“women have been taught that for us, the earth is flat, and that if we venture out, we will fall off the edge”  – author unknown i’ve discovered the world is […]

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conspiring for change

By Kathy Escobar / March 3, 2008 / 1 Comment

conspire. i love this word. so many of us have probably always thought of this as a negative word-“conspiring against the authorities”…”conspiracy to overthrow the government”…”conspiracy to commit a crime.” […]

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why i believe in co-pastoring

By Kathy Escobar / February 20, 2008 / 33 Comments

a few years ago i had never even heard of a co-pastor.   i knew about senior pastors, i knew about associate pastors and childrens & youth pastors and some churches, […]

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the new conspirators

By Kathy Escobar / February 18, 2008 / 0 Comments

i saw information on this conference a while back and was immediately intrigued.   i loved the the idea of conspiring new ways of living out our faith, the thoughts of the conversations that people would […]

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a cup of cold water

By Kathy Escobar / January 21, 2008 / 9 Comments

jose and i just got back from portland.  we went to hang out for the weekend with our friends deborah & ken loyd.  oh, it was good for my soul.  i was […]

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when is the time?

By Kathy Escobar / January 1, 2008 / 9 Comments

a few days ago the fam and i went to see the great debaters with denzel washington, the true story of an all-black debate team in the 1930’s that was […]

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7.7.07 from the refuge blog…no girl pastors allowed

By Kathy Escobar / July 17, 2007 / 11 Comments

a few days ago i got sucker punched for having ovaries, if you can believe that. i was in atlanta at the big christian retailers conference to launch a book […]

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12.5.06 from the refuge blog….Equality

By Kathy Escobar / December 5, 2006 / 0 Comments

Christmas. Everyone responds to this time of year differently. For some, it’s a great season filled with food and family and happy memory-making. For others, it’s a time of dread. […]

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7.23.06 from the refuge blog – "I Believe in You"

By Kathy Escobar / July 23, 2006 / 0 Comments

Last week, my best friend Elaine sent me a donation to help fund my role at The Refuge. Jotted at the bottom of the sheet she only wrote four words: […]

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