Jesus-centered Bible (released september 2015 by group publishing).

this is a great project i was honored to be part of in a small way, with introductory essays to the books of isaiah, lamentations, luke, and colossians. my favorite part is that all of the references to Jesus in the old testament are in blue. it’s an awesome gift.


simple csimple church coverhurch: unity within diversity (edited by eric carpenter, released december 2014 by redeeming press).

24 different voices share their perspectives on simple church and practices to consider based on a variety of contexts. my contribution is centered on restoring dignity through mutual relationship in community.


letters to a future church: words of encouragement and prophetic appeals (edited by chris lewis, released march 2012 by intervarsity press).

this is an interesting & diverse collaboration with a wide variety of voices, all centered on calling the church to who it was meant to be.  powerful & inspiring.  my piece is centered on one of my blog posts, dignity restorers.


the practice of love (edited by jonathan brink, civitas press, released may 2011).

this collaborative project includes over 40 men and women writing on the practice of loving God, others, ourselves, and our enemies.  2 of my pieces are included in loving God and loving ourselves.



banned questions about the Bible (by christian piatt, chalice press, 2011).

this collaborative project includes a wide range of difficult questions about the Bible with responses from a diverse group of pastors and leaders.




taking flight: restoring the female half of God’s image through advocacy & renewal (edited by cynthia lagrou & caleb seeling, published by samizdet, 2010).  this collaborative project is a collection of 17 male & female voices centered on living in right relationship with each other through forms of mutual submission and blended authority, based on gifting and humility which restores dignity, achieves balance, an empowers all.   my chapter is based on one of my favorite blog posts–why we need mothers & fathers & sisters & brothers & daughters & sons.