i love to be with people in real life and online in more intentional spaces.

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2017 / 

thursday, february 2nd, 8pm / brew theology in denver – talking all-things-faith-shift


faith shift processing parties / 

this is one of my favorite things to do; we did a round of them in different cities over the past few years. always open to any new ones if you are interested in hosting.
san diego faith shift processing party october 2015

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walking wounded: hope for those hurt by church online class /


one of my most favorite things is to create a space for healing and transformation. my ideal is always to gather together in-real-life, but since that’s not always possible, my friend phyllis mathis & i have created walking wounded: hope for those hurt by the church to bring people together from across the world in a safe, challenging space to process hard stuff about church, ministry, and the grief of faith shifts together.

coming february 2017, registration details will be online soon.