these are series of posts on particular themes

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some of my little (well, big) dreams for the church called "what could be" (late 2008):

a view from the margins - a series of interviews with friends on the margins of life & faith (early 2009):

out of the darkness - a series of interviews with friends breaking free from shame in all kinds of different ways:

doubt & faith (fall 2009):

video conversations:

signs of hope - interviews with people finding hope in the midst of pain (easter 2010):

the beatitudes (2011):

co-pastoring & shared leadership:

cross-gender friendships

rebuilding after deconstructing: a series related to moving through faith shifts (spring 2012):


sacred friendship summer camp series (summer 2012):

what it's like - a series of interviews with real life people going through hard things (fall 2012):

when christmas is hard...

healing the divides (spring 2013), a series centered on living in the tension of our differences

three things about one word:

grief week (june 2014):

3 part series on faith shifts (for convergent blog, fall 2014):

a 7 part series on faith shift: finding your way forward when everything you believe is coming apart (2015):

a 5 part series on failure--failure week (june 2016)