our faith stories are tender

i had the privilege of hanging out with travis reed of the work of the people, talking about faith shifts.

here was the first video to give a little taste of the kinds of things we were talking about:

here are links to the other ones:

  • Hearing the CallWhen our faith unravels, we lose a lot, but death is part of resurrection. This one is really part 2 of the first one and centers on Unraveling.
  • Holding Onto Power: All roads lead to power, and that’s why we need to talk about it.  I am so glad that he focused one video specifically on power, a topic that is hard to talk about but that we need to address. Misused power is rampant in church and often a catalyst for faith shifts, too.
  • Signs of Life: What happens when our old spiritual tricks stop working but we’re desperate for signs of Life?  For me, one of the hardest things about rebuilding faith after so much unraveled was how to find ways to connect with God again.

i always appreciate hearing your thoughts & reflections!