top 10 blog posts

as of january 2017, these are the top 10 most-read posts i’ve written since i started this blog:

1. a think or two about narcissism (+ the church)this is a bigger reality than any in the church would probably like to admit but i’m so glad people are waking up to it, sad how prevalent it is.

2. ex-good-christian-women  – so wild, how popular this post was and it tells a story about the desire for so many women to break out of the box of what it means to be a christian woman.

3. a nifty chart for the journey: stages in the life of faith – these ideas, gleaned from one of my favorite spirituality books–the critical journey–gives language to what so many of us have experienced or are experiencing in our faith journey.

4. when mother’s day is hard – it’s a brutal day for so many!

5. please, let’s get outraged about more important things – so  many flipping out about duck dynasty and ignoring the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed. ack!

6. rebuilding after deconstructing –  – my most favorite series i’ve ever written on the blog.  so many of us either have experienced or are experiencing significant shifts in our faith.  this is the kick off post for a 3 week series.  this last post has the roundup of all the links.

7. justice is more than equality – we’ve got a lot of work to do together.

8. friends of faith shifters: things that help, things that hurt – so many are experiencing a shifting faith; it helps so much when friends consider their response. feel free to print out and leave on someone’s doorstep or in their mailbox anonymously :).

9. advocate: standing up for those who can’t say it themselves (yet) – advocate, one of my favorite words.

10. 5 false things the church teaches about healing – one of my most passionate topics, that the church would be a place of healing and hope; so often, it’s not.

4. plant new trees – i wrote this post in about 30 minutes in response to some crazy stuff on the internet about masculine christianity. whoa, it stirred up some passion for change and participating in the change we want to see.

5. pro-life, pro choice: a painful paradox – this is was one of the hardest posts i’ve ever written & it stirred up a lot of strong feelings.

6. “we let women lead…” – shortest post on this entire blog, and it struck a chord with a lot of us. this statement, often shared by well-meaning individuals & churches, tells a painful story about how we view women.

7. 10 ways churches jack people up –  these seem to be really common themes in so many stories.  makes me sad, makes me mad, makes me want to change things.

8. why the word ‘missional’ bugs me –  because no one likes to be someone’s “mission.”

9.when easter’s hard – a little like plant new trees, i didn’t plan for this or think through it much before writing it, but it touched some real & deep places for so many who find themselves on the “outs” at easter because of shifts in faith.  there are some truly amazing and beautiful and hard comments on this post.

10.  yep, i guess i’m a heretic –  i think i might be in good company!

these didn’t make the top 10 anymore, but i’d put them up there with my favorites & capture some of the essence of what i’m most passionate about:

thanks for reading, i’m glad you stopped by.