[dropcap]e[/dropcap]ach of our stories look different, but a lot of times a painful church experience is the catalyst for our faith to unravel.  we’ve seen too much, experienced too much, been on the receiving end of unhealthy systems and unchecked power too many times, we’ve given our hearts and time and families and lives to structures and people who have hurt us, abandoned us, rejected us, or misunderstood us.

not everyone has a painful church wound, but those of us who do know how hard it is to heal from it.  there’s something about God & the institution getting all tangled up together that is hard to sort out.

we facilitate a walking wounded class now & then that is a safe space to process through church pain, but i am not sure when a next one will be scheduled right now.  however, here are some posts that address this more specific issue of church woundedness.  it sucks, and i wish you weren’t in such good company. part of our healing is knowing we’re not crazy & we’re not alone.